Thursday, January 29, 2009


Life is so pleasurable,
But sometimes it's disagreeable.
Life can be very admirable,
If you're really knowledgeable.

Life has a lot of inconvenience,
But always use your intelligence.
Every second of life is so important,
Take advantage of it every moment.

Sometimes people feel lifeless,
It's only when they are careless.
If they extremely take care,
They'll see everything in life is fair.

Life passes by each minute,
People should really enjoy it.
People should protect their life,
Never cut it with a knife.

The Beginning

Every new born baby is a new seed,
Time passing by... you'll see it grow in speed.

A baby is a soft fluffy cloud,
Making a mother ever so proud.

A baby is a cute flower,
Smells so sweet, but never sour.

A baby is a crystal glass of fragile,
Beginning its life, it's so adorable.

My First Battle

I was the greatest of all warrior,
I'd never been beaten by someone,
I was a fierce assassinator,
no one survived... I'm the only one.

Everywhere was an ocean of blood,
in the cold air, there was a death chill.
The bloody souls made the river blood,
standing at the middle of deathville.

Wheels of Life

Life is a wheel that goes around,
Rolling upside down to the ground.

Sometimes my happiness breaks the wire,
Then comes sadness with a flat tire.

My ride takes me from a different mood,
Riding through lights like a crazy dude.

As my life takes turns left and right,
Colors blue and green comes into sight.

I stepped down from my ride and saw flowers,
I found my way... I had the powers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks To Teachers

You're always there to help me,
showing new things to know.
Teaching me what's good and bad,
such successful seeds you sow.

Thank you for everything,
even though I was so blue.
Now that I'm on top of life,
I will never forget you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

►♫♪☺♥☻☮★You 're the One★☮☻♥☺♪♫◄

Your eyes are my light,

giving me light from the cold night.

You are my angel from the sky above,

you showed me how to love.

Every beat of my heart,

told me from the start.

You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen,

after I got hit by Cupid's bow.