Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Love

Never been in loved or to be loved,
never felt someone who cares,
but one day, that time, felt something was new
it was her, maybe it was time for love.
Tried to get close, to know her well
made a friendship after a blink of an eye.
Thinking that it would be the start,
a start for a new chapter of my love story.
forty-nine days of fun,
each day is recorded in his memory.
fifty-first day of knowing, finally made a decision,
a decision that might change my life, her life.
A man confessed, told her what he feels,
his heart was like a popping popcorns,
blood stopped for awhile, frozen with his nervousness.
The woman rejected the man's proposal,
then the entire world fell down, the heart of mine started to break into pieces.
It was hard but had to accept,
my heart might not able to find his love,
never been love, never find a woman like her.

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