Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To my Best Friend...

I grew up with you,
we learned how to speak and write together,
we spent most of our time having fun,
or spent some time on being lonely in the dark,
we both laugh and cry sharing our feelings,
we were more than a lovers under the Eiffel Tower.

I was afraid to say say good-bye when I had to move,
but we knew we are going to see each other again,
spent our money from long-distance calls,
we didn't care if we didn't have money to eat,
we stayed together even we were thousand miles away from each other,
both of us stayed laughing or crying.

But this day is our time to really say good-bye,
a good-bye that we will never say "hello" to one another,
I will cry alone, and maybe laugh alone,
Not having you, hearing your voice, thats what I am going to miss.
My dear friend, I hope that we could see each other again,
but it might take a decades to once again say "Hi"

Good-bye my frieind, I will never forget you,
you will be in my heart,
in my soul...
good-bye my friend.

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